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Sick and Tired

Friday December 1st went to the bank, lounged in the PJís had a touch of the sniffleís but went to Annís so she could straighten my hair. It looked really nice but Iím not sure I want it to be permanent. Then we were off to met up with P for our girlsí night out. Iíve never been out with the girls as the primping, preening and gossip just arenít my thing but Ann and P donít really do much of that, I feel like I can just be me around them which is why I agreed to go with them to see male stripperís.

I did more than my fair share of drinking and was completely blown away by the show. First the guts on the female volunteers, the things women will do for free drinks and stuffed teddy bears is down right amazing. As are the moves the men could do, this one gent was able to flip this girl completely heels over head and had they both been totally naked he wouldnít have slipped out if you know what I mean. They could in a split second have those females in any position they liked and did so at will. All I could think was now thereís a talent, Can you teach it to my boyfriend?

On the ride home things got a little WACKY and the combination of my cold medication, the mixing of drinks (which I lost count of at 4) plus the smoke had me feeling first like we were riding through a cloud and surrounded by mist that was fine but the schizophrenia part was a little more than I like.

Iím still not certain what parts of the ride home were real, including conversations I think were had between me Ann and her best friend Bri (our designated driver for the evening>) and whether or not I went outside in my socked feet after they dropped me at home hands held to the sky trying to catch snowflakes that may or may not have been real. And then there is the black and white movie I watched for an hour that may or may not have been a Shakespearian version of Roxanne.

It even amazes the crap out of me that I didnít puke after all of that considering while I was mildly hungry I know I ate a half bag of mini croissants, a large bowl of spaghetti and sauce after that I am aware I ate for an hour straight but what I consumed is lost in the fragments of my mind. I am a bit of a control freak and once the Wacky ride starts thereís no way to get off but time. Thus no control and thatís a feeling I just canít stand.

All in all it was the most fun Iíve had in a good long while without D. Iíd do it all again minus the Wacky. When I asked Ann about it she said I was cut off anyway so good riddens to bad rubbish.

Saturday and Sunday C and I ran around collecting things to add to our decorations of the home. We put up the Christmas village and the lights on the house. Unfortunately my sniffles continued to worsen due to the fact that we walked almost everywhere we went while it was spitting flakes and the wind just tore right through us.

Sunday night D initiated fun, part of me thinks he found the straightened hair extremely attractive, he said heíd been thinking of me all weekend. So I also have to wonder if his thinking of me staring at other men might have lit a bit of the green fire in his loins. Either way I was rewarded with the magic tongue and give a hell of a ride all the way to O land and back TWICE!!

I stayed home Monday because C was sick. I myself was feeling run down but figured it was from all the running around and no real rest so Tuesday I went to work I had a moment where I felt dizzy but it passed and I finished the day feeling rather decent. Wednesday I got out of bed felt horrid and instead of going to the computer where I do my waking up almost everyday I bypassed that for a nap on the couch while D got ready for work. That really should have been my first clue.

See D gets up most morning between 4 and 4:45 a.m. because he requires about 2 hours to soak in his coffee in order to have full cognitive functioning. Then he requires an hour in the bathroom to shave his head and shower. I get up at 6 a.m. because all I need is 45 minutes to soak in my Dr. Pepper (diet these days) and 15 minutes to get ready I bathe at night (as it relaxes the muscles and mind enough that I can get to sleep easier Ė insomniac I think to much worrying out problems). So when I get up he gives up the computer, we both play Pogo in the mornings as the games are mindless and pass the time joyfully.

Anyway I get to work find out my schedule is messed up (my own fault since I didnít find out until Monday that Cís after school programs were over), get settled into my work station. I organize my desk, log in to the 2 systems we use and begin taking calls. Only I begin to notice my attention is severely lacking and I am having to ask customers to repeat themselves, and Iím quite dizzy followed very quickly by nausea. Thatís right folks I was there exactly an hour before I had to leave and go to the Doctor.

The Doctor informs me due to the fact that I have been in his office 3 times in 3 months (this is highly abnormal for me since I get sick exactly once a year when the season changes from fall to winter) that I have a high chance of a nasal infection and that if I donít get some rest and get better it will only get worse he prescribes flonase for 2 weeks twice a day and suspends me from work until Saturday. Lovely really, there goes half of my Christmas money because Iíve worked exactly 7.5 hours this week.

I get home to a message on machine from Cís school. The psychologist who gives the test for children in need of extra help with reading, math etc. is in the school today for god only knows how long and she needs to interview me and have me fill out surveys in order to begin Cís evaluation. We have been waiting 2 years for this test so I immediately turn around and rush to the school. This takes 1 Ĺ hours to complete.

Then D comes home and we have to go out and do Cís x-mas shopping as this is the last opportunity before Christmas to do so without her and the sitter was already booked. We got all but 2 of hers and D can pick up the others. So much for rest. This has been going on since I got this job.

I really believe the reason Iíve been so sick so much lately is because I have been spreading myself so thin and Iím not used to it. Ann says this is crap because sheís been doing it for years Ė this kind of pisses me off as I have been a stay at home mom for the last 10 years, she hasnít sheís the kind who had to work or starve, which is great for her a lot of women do it I am aware of this but when you go from only doing a certain amount of things a day to doing 3 times as much it messes with you. I feel weak saying it I really do but I am not her and am still adjusting to being able to juggle it all.

So today I am headed for the couch and a lot of napping because tomorrow I have to take D to work so I can get the grocery shopping done, pick up my check from work and since C has PA day I can take her to do her Christmas shopping for D. I hope one day is enough for me to get better because I need to go back to work Saturday as there are only 9 working days left for me in this campaign.

10:02 a.m. - Thursday, Dec. 07, 2006


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